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Reasons Why A Music Artist Should Get A Personal Music Producer

Reasons Why A Music Artist Should Get A Personal Music Producer
Reasons Why A Music Artist Should Get A Personal Music Producer

Hello guys, if you are an an artist and you are here, then you should take your time to read this. In this article, we will talk about why a recording artist should get himself a personal Music Producer.

Being a music artist is not as easy as everybody thinks, especially when you are still up and coming (probably not in a record label, and also don’t have any management). Will you mention the irritating inconvenience involved in getting a song done sometimes? From the beat making, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering and all that. (Promotion should be a talk for another day).

As a music artist, especially the upcoming and independent artist, it is very ideal that you get yourself a personal music producer that suits you best.
You might ask, “Why should I stress myself looking for a personal Music Producer when I can probably produce my songs anywhere?”

Well, it is not that bad to produce your songs anywhere with anyone but let’s tell you few reasons why a personal music producer is vital

  • You need a music producer who exploits the unique and commercial qualities that you put into your music, you need one who has strengths where you don’t, and has recent, hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of the genre and market you’re aiming for.
  • You need a music producer who discuss your overall sound, assess your strengths, and let you know whether you and/or your band can realistically create the sound you want.
  • You need a music producer who supports your goals.
  • You need a music producer that can co-write a hit song with you
  • You need a music producer that can help you define your style and find your genre
  • You need a music producer that can advise you on the music business.

The above reasons on why “You Need A Personal Music Producer” are just a few out of so many but if you are still not satisfied with these facts, think about the things you stand to gain?

Should we say free access to the studio or free songs? Yes, it is only your personal music producer that can call you up and give you a beat for you to sing without stress because he already knows your style of music.

Just in a situation where you don’t have a manager, your personal music producer can act as such depending on your relationship with him. He can also link you up for collaboration with other good artists, trust me he has seen a lot of artist than you have.

Furthermore, an artist needs people to invest in them and a personal music producer is the number one investor.

The benefits of having your personal music producer  are as follows:

  1.  If you can get a better music producer and personalize him/her, you will be educated
  2. You will discover some ideas you never knew you had
  3. You will acquire direction with your sound and networking
  4. If the chemistry is there, you both will grow together

Note: When choosing a music producer to be your personal music producer, be careful with who you chose;

  • He must know his work
  • He must be hard working
  • He must be able to flow with you fluently
  • He has to be someone that has patience
  • He has to be your kind of person (Cat and Dog don’t flow very well).

If people could get a personal driver then I don’t know what could possibly be wrong here. Get yourself a personal music producer and you will see the difference id will make.

The End. 


If this article did make sense to you, drop a comment below and let us know how and what you feel…

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  1. I love this, because a lot of us don’t know exactly direction where we are going to, this really inspired me to love who i call my producer more cause the ideas nd advice he gave whenever we meet make me believe more about myself in the grind.

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