If you really want to Win any Girl’s Heart no matter Her level, DO THIS

10 Simple Ways To Win Any Girls Heart No Matter Her Level
10 Simple Ways To Win Any Girls Heart No Matter Her Level
10 Simple Ways To Win Any Girls Heart No Matter Her Level
10 Simple Ways To Win Any Girls Heart No Matter Her Level

Falling in love is a daunting experience because once you are in love, you are capable of doing things you wouldn’t even ever think of doing all for the sake of love.

Has your dream girl reached another height in life and it scares you? are you scared you can not get her again? If you are fully ready to win her heart, below are 10 tested and trusted ways we’ve figured out to make the task easy for you.

1. Confidence is key

Girls notice these things more than you know.

If you approach this girl with your hands shaking and your voice cracking at the very beginning of the conversation, it’s most definitely not going to leave a good impression.

I know you’re nervous, and that’s totally normal and fine. I’m just saying don’t approach her until you’ve got all your ducks in a row.

Have a shot if necessary, pump yourself up, call your best buddy and have him calm you down.

Don’t look at it as this great quest. Just try to see it from a chill standpoint.

You like this girl, she’s right there and you’re going to go and say hi.

You have an idea of what you could say and in case it doesn’t go well, you can always excuse yourself and use the restroom.

There, you can get it together, think of something else to talk about and hope it all goes well.

The most important thing is to not let her see how nervous you are.

If you appear confident, she’s going to be immediately attracted to this quality and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself and you’ll be fine.

2. Be neat, smell nice and look good

Girls like it when you are clean, hygienic, organized and matured both in your dressing and your appearance.

Shower daily to avoid a smelly body, shave your facial hair to make you look well kept, use deodorant and body sprays.

Take time to trim your nails and dress well in what fits you. Your clothes shouldn’t be expensive before you look good but learn to organize your clothes well, wash them, starch them and if necessary make the clothes well ironed.

Ladies love to associate with guys who appear neat, smells nice and look decent.

3. Pay attention to the things she talks about, no matter how insignificant they seem

How To Win A Girl’s Heart: 9 Legit Ways To Make Her Yours

Always pay attention to whatever she has to say even if it seems insignificant.

Be a good listener and always show interest in whatever she is saying, what she likes talking about and things that interest her and make sure not to interrupt her but be free to ask questions to show you are listening to her.

Let her vent to you and get things off her mind irrespective of what you are doing at that particular time, let it wait.

This shows she is precious and valuable than whatever it is you are doing and this also helps to develop great communication skills while you get one step ahead of any other guy in her pursuit.

4. Be Funny, Humorous and most of all, be Romantic

How To Win A Girl’s Heart: 9 Legit Ways To Make Her Yours

Everyone likes a good laugh and when it comes to a romantic connection, jokes and humour can seal the deal.

Ladies will want to be around a funny guy and will always look forward to his jokes. Laughter is said to be the best medicine, a funny guy can easily brighten any girl’s day and put a smile on her face with his jokes.

Yes, girls love romance too, a lot. That’s no secret. You don’t need to rent out a casino and get the world’s most famous violinist to serenade you as you dine on lobster and drink the most expensive wine there is.

Romance is not about money and places, it’s about something personal and intimate you know would mean a lot to her.

Take her to a place you know she used to love going to when she was a kid but hasn’t visited in ages.

Take her on a moonlit walk along the beach, bring her flowers and just lie there, listening to the sound of the waves crashing and gazing at the stars.

5. Give her compliments when she least expects it and make her day

If you notice your girl is having a particularly lousy day, try to brighten it with a compliment or two but only if it’s genuine and comes from the heart.

We all like a nice compliment, make sure you give her compliment on every little thing you notice about them as this makes them happy.

Compliment her even when she least expects it, tell her how much you enjoy her company, admire her dress, admire her new hairstyle, all this makes her heart get softer towards you but be careful not to fake or overdo it.

A kind word from the man a lady cares about is going to mean the world to her, guaranteed!

6. Make her feel safe and protected around you

How To Win A Girl’s Heart: 9 Legit Ways To Make Her Yours

You don’t have to have the body of a Greek god or be in the best shape of your life. That is not what I’m talking about here.

Physical strength is not a prerequisite for her to feel protected.

Making her feel safe around you is so much more than that.

Be her safe harbor. Be the person she goes to when the world gets her down.

Be her words of encouragement when she’s doubting herself and show her the strength she has within when she feels like she can’t go on.

Be the person who she goes to for everything when she doesn’t know what to do with herself. No judgment and no excuses, simply be there.

Make her see that you are a constant in a world full of elusive people. When she sees she’s got a real rock in you, her heart is going to be all yours.

You don’t have to be her superhero, you just have to make her see you would do anything for her.

Even when it’s out of your hands, listen to her and comfort her because sometimes, that is all she’s going to need.

7. Connect with her friends and family members

Every lady’s friends and family members will naturally protect her from any man who they believe is bad or a flirt.

This means you don’t stand a chance if you are the rude type. If you don’t have anything nice to say about her friends and family members make sure you keep it to yourself as one of the worst things to do is to dish the people she loves and connects with.

Also, have it in mind that a girl’s friends are manor stakeholders so be careful to get it right with them.

8. Deal with her flaws

No matter how beautiful and hot a lady is, remember everyone has imperfections so try to deal with it, try to understand her flaws, know when she has mood swings and tries not to yell or nag at her.

9. Speak well of her in front of other people
Hold her hand. Pick-up artists recommend saying backhanded compliments, but nothing beats a genuine and sincere compliment. A backhanded compliment might work for a one-night stand, but come on, this is a poisonous ingredient in trying to form a long-term relationship. Treat her just as kindly in front of friends and family as you do when you are alone.

10. Be supportive and caring

How To Win A Girl’s Heart: 9 Legit Ways To Make Her Yours

Every lady wants a supportive and caring man who is likely to stand by her anytime anyway. You can support her with your ideas, advice and most importantly finances.

Wining a lady’s heart entails being caring and taking her as a priority. You can care for her by buying her gifts, taking her out and giving her money which is one of the most important things Nigerian ladies wants from a guy.

Try out these ways and you will surely win her heart no matter how stubborn she proves to be.

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