Hofishal Sounds’ Autobiography, Profile And Other Things To Know About Him

Hofishal Sounds' Autobiography, Profile And Other Things To Know About Him
Hofishal Sounds' Autobiography, Profile And Other Things To Know About Him
Hofishal Sounds' Autobiography, Profile And Other Things To Know About Him
Hofishal Sounds’ Autobiography, Profile And Other Things To Know About Him

Hofishal Sounds, whose real names are Abasieyene Ekong is a Nigerian Record producer, Singer and a Performer. Hofishal Sounds was born in the southern part of Nigeria in the 90’s.

He first registered his name in the minds of the people as a music artist in the year 2014 after the release of his debut single “Mma Jamaica“. He kicked off as a singer in Akwa Ibom state but later decided to take up music production when he realized getting a producer that could really give him what he wanted was a bit difficult, joint with with the fact that there was just a few producers around. In the year 2014 Hofishal Sounds linked up with talented producer Clonbaba whom they worked together and came out with a smashing hit “Mma Jamaica”.

Early Life

Hofishal Sounds is a native of Akwa Ibom state, his passion for music began at a very tender age where he started learning how to play drums in church.

Just like some other artist that started in the church, Hofishal Sounds isn’t left out. He discovered his singing abilities when he joined the choir, he used to be a very good tenor singer.

At the age of 13, Hofishal Sounds had love for art, but unfortunately his father was not in support of it because he wanted him to become an engineer and probably worked in one of the oil companies. His father denying him the opportunity of being an artist prompt him to discover his singing abilities. At the age of 16, Hofishal Sounds was already into composing and writing of songs though his writing skills was not perfect due to his environment.

Living in an environment where musicians are being described as smokers, drunkards, illiterates and all sort of discouraging names, the decision to become a music artist was really tough to make, but when the talent and passion is there, there’s nothing stopping a moving train.

Hofishal Sounds Biography, Profile And Other Things You Should About Him


As a kid growing up in a Christian family, Hofishal Sounds was hyperactive in their church choir as a tenor singer. He was part of an acapella group “B Family”. Since getting to a recording studio wasn’t that easy, Hofishal Sounds was just a mere song writer who writes and sings for himself and his friends until one of his friends saw how talented he was and took him to the studio in the year 2013 where he made his very first recording.

In 2014 he visited Clonbaba studios for his first official single and their studio session gave birth to “Mma Jamaica” which earned him positive reviews, massive airplays and shows. He recorded a couple of unreleased songs that was accepted by the individuals living in his domain.

In April, 2015 he released a love tune “Finally” which was produced by Triple Soul, Mixed & Mastered by Feelings. Because of school he didn’t do much work, except going for a few collaborations and shows. This is the year he was signed by Ls’Court Enter10ment as a music producer in Ls’Court Studios.

In May 2016 Hofishal Sounds dropped a hit free instrumental that was appreciated by majority of the artists in the south, so many artists used that beat for recording, freestyles and competitions. A high tempo cultural beat with a blend of hip-hop and Afro was something anyone just can’t resist. Lots of artists in the East made use of “Ibid Ekpo“, that was how Hofishal Sounds became known nationwide as a music producer.

While Hofishal Sounds was still in the mouth of the people, in June Hofishal Sounds dropped “Calm Down“, the song was accompanied by a video shot and directed by Senor. That same year, “Calm Down video” was nominated in EASMA as best music video.

Hofishal Sounds being the youngest and hottest producer in town, lots of artists did patronized his services. That’s how he was awarded as EASMA Music Producer of the Year 2016.

In July 2017 where SARZ brutalized citizens in many parts of the country including his own town Eket, Hofishal Sounds wasn’t afraid to speak about the situation through his song “Isakaba“. This song played in many parts of the south, especially the parts that were mostly affected by the unlawful act of the police.

In November, Hofishal Sounds hosted a talent hunt tagged “Freestyle Sunday” in the year 2017, the event quickly grew bigger and became a brand which benefited many artists in Nigeria (especially in the southern part of Nigeria).

In December, the song “Isakaba” was awarded as EASMA Song Of The Year. Hofishal Sounds was also awarded EASMA and Yanky Media Awards Music Producer Of The Year consequently. The year 2017 was a big win for Hofishal Sounds.

He dropped a “Lazy Free beat” and another disturbing single tagged “Amesiere” meaning “Good Morning” in 2018. This record went viral and received massive radio spins. Some radio stations in Akwa Ibom won’t start any program in the morning without wishing the people “Amesiere” through Hofishal Sounds’ music.

In November, he hosted the second edition of “Freestyle Sunday With Hofishal Sounds” and with the assist of some known brands who came to partner, it was amazing.

In 2019, Hofishal Sounds started the year with a tune tagged “Grace“, followed by a free instrumental “SOS“, then he later wrapped up the year with the release of “Las Las” which was an absolute banger, the record was released alongside a video in June.

Despite the global COVID19 pandemic, 2020 was one busy year for Hofishal Sounds. He released series of hits starting from Belle, Isolation Party, IWO, and he summarized the year with his debut EP “Lifestyle” which consists of soulful performances alongside a diverse arrangement of emotions and synth.

The above listed projects are not the sum of projects Hofishal Sounds has been involved in, there are other activities that might have been omitted.

Hofishal Sounds biography


Hofishal Sounds’ music is one accompanied with realness. When it comes to music, he understands it’s rudiments, he is blessed with ears for rhythmic beat. The superb producer has contributed greatly to the success of the South South music industry. Hofishal Sounds’ strength is his versatility, he plays around a few genre of music. From RnB, Highlife, Afrobeats, Fusion and even Party/Dance tracks, etc.

Hofishal Sounds is one artist that fuses highly into an Afrobeat and that comes his uniqueness. He writes and produces most of his records so it would be adequate to say he is the creator of his sound.


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