Having problems in your relationship? See how to keep your man to yourself alone

Five Reasons You And Your Partner Are Not As Close As You Used To Be

Having problems in your relationship? See how to keep your man to yourself alone

In this article, we will tell you the key things you can do as a woman, to keep your man. We will also share with you the vital things a man expects from his woman.

Affection:  Men  yes do  love  sex,  but  they  want to  be  loved as  well.  Thank  him, cheer  him  and encourage  him.   Surprise  him:    unexpected  kisses, hugs, romance,  tell him  about  his looks,  his masculine  assertiveness  and    appreciate  his efforts  as  a leader.
 Trust:  As a  man,  I  want  to  be  trusted.  Some  women,  because  they  have  had  their bad  past experience,  they  tend  to  think  a new  relationship  will  be  equally  bad.  Most  broken  people get  into relationships  expecting  the  new  partner  to  nurse  their  wounds. At  times  that  perpetuates  the previous  problem. At  most  you  need to  learn  that  there  was  no  problem. The  real  problem  was  &  is still you. Heal and  trust!
Attractiveness:  Beauty  is  crucial  for a  man. He  is  moved by  what he  sees. So  what  he  sees  should  be clean, cute,  attractive  and  nice.  Smell great  all the  time  girl!  Personally  if  there  is  anything  that  put me  off,  a  bad  smell just  switches  me  off!
More Sex:  Men want  sex  more  than  most  women know.  The  more  you  have  sex, with  your  man, the more  you  are  connected  with him. So, the  lesser  the  sex, the  bigger  the  gape  that  separates you both. I know at  times  as a  women you  won’t  be  wanting  sex,  but  compromise  plays  a  crucial  role.
Quality Sex:  No  man  wants  dead  wood  in  bed,  make  every  sex  experience  count.    Dance,  move, tweak .  Don’t  just  sleep  like  a  dead cow.
Don’t Bribe Your Man Sexually:  Don’t  only  give  sex  as  to  your  man  when he  has  done  good,  e.g giving  you  money  or presents. Give  sex  also  when things are  not  well.   Some  women  only  give because  they  have  been  given  or they  want something  given-that bribery.
Sex Answers  To Most  Problems: Sex  is  important for  man  give  it  to  him.  Most  marital problems  start because  someone  lack  sex.  So, before  they  meet  any  beautiful lady  in   town, let  you  man  meet  you first. You  would  rather  have  sex  before  you  get  into  any  activities/  chores.
Don’t Be A Problem:  Don’t  become another problem to your man, do not try to influence  him  or  challenge  him  to  change. At times as  men  we  have  developed a mechanism  where  you  think  we  will be  listening, but  not  at  all because  you  might  be  talking  too  much.   At  times  a  man  will agree  just  to  end  the  fight,  that  is  what is called  giving  up. Most  men would  spend  most  of their times  at  church /  beer  hall  or  with friends more  than  with  their  wives.  Why?  That is called  escapism, running  away  from  the  wife.
Tongue:  Avoid  negative,  critical  and  spiteful  comments  to  your  man. Don’t  compare your  man  to other  men.  If he does  not  sexually  satisfy  you, the  best  if  never  to  confront  him,  but  seek  for  a  happy moment where  you  talk  about  your  sexually  fantasies.  Use  emotional intelligence. Tell  him  what  you want sexually  and  what  satisfies  you.  Your tone  matters! Your  mood! And  your  communications skills.
Men Suffer  In  Silence  Too:  Most  men  won’t  talk  that  much, especially  church  men.  They  suffer  from sexual starvation  or sexual  punishment,  which  leads  to  bitterness  and  frustration. To  a  man  sex matters. You  would  rather  stop  everything  and  rock  him  wildly.  A sex  starved  man  can  be  dangerous.
Be  Initiative:  Women should  start the  game  at  times.  Don’t  wait  for a  man  to  always  start it Noise  it-  Men  wants  to  you  to  communicate  what  you  feel.  Scream.  Men  want  to  conquer  as  his lioness,  show  it  off.   Tell him,  “Dady,  you  rock  me  in  bed!  You  are  my  hero!
Moods:  Women create  fake  moods,  situations  ,    sickness  to  avoid  sex.  That is  dangerous. Psychological, that  kills  a  man’s spirit. When you  do  that,  it is  registered into  the  man’s subconscious mind. That  will grow  to  an  extent  your  man  does  not  push you  for sex  anymore.  That when things fall apart.
Give  Your  Man  Space:  At  times  your  man  needs  time  to  think  and  re-think  and  re-strategise. Give him  that  space.  When  your  man  comes  from  works,  give  him  time  rewind. Please  don’t  pile  up everything  on  him. He  needs time  as  well.

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