Who is Kayode? Get to know All About the “Live Forever” Singer

Who is Kayode? Get to know All About the "Live Forever" Singer
Who is Kayode? Get to know All About the "Live Forever" Singer
Who is Kayode? Get to know All About the "Live Forever" Singer
Who is Kayode? Get to know All About the “Live Forever” Singer

About Kayode: Biography, Age, Career, Awards, Songs, Pictures and all you should know about the “Live Forever” crooner.

Like the advent of every great innovation, the video creation and sharing app TikTok has brought a lot of trends and its case, most of these trends come in form of songs, old and new, forgotten and unknown, with the unknown lending to the rise of new acts and favorites. Just in the latter part of 2021, Afro-Emo singer, CKayhad gone from being an emerging talent to a global star thanks to the dance-based trend that his Love Nwantiti song had introduced to the worldwide web.

Now much recently, young Nigerians on TikTok have been bumping to an Emo-fused Trap record titled “Live Forever”, making diversely-directed videos that speak of youthful exuberance and joie de vivre with the sound to the tune of close to 300 thousand uses even as the song continues to pick up steam, well on its way to becoming the next huge hit. As a result of the hype around the song, we read the minds of the many curious lovers of the tune and spoke to Kayode, Kay Kay to get to know about him. Here’s all that we know about Kayode, the voice behind Live Forever.

1. With his full name being Oluwakayode Oyetoro but popularly known as Kayode, the rising act who wants his fans to feel free enough to address him as Kay Kay is a 23-year-old native of Ogun state. Kayode or Kay Kay while already blowing up the music charts with Live Forever, is a final year student at the University of Unilage where he’s set to graduate with a degree in Political Science.

2. While Kay Kay is an undeniable talent and star in rising, who’s been making music officially for the past three years with his first single Confessions coming out in 2019, he’s however always done music for most of his life since he discovered his talent sometime around the age of 12.

According to him he’d picked up on his flair from music at his church and had learned the basics of making music by mastering the piano and later on the guitar. He’d soon enough started writing his own records at just 13.

3. Like everyone else, he grew up hooked on sounds from Wizkid, Mo’Hits and other acts but he was especially drawn to music from American rapper Lil Wayne, up till the time he had to take a break from making music and cites him as a major influence of his sound.

4. For Kay Kay however, attaching his sound to a particular genre is not something he complies with as he comes across as the poster boy for versatility, making mention of the fact that he has diverse-sounding records in his name that range from Afropop to Drill, which are all manifestations of whatever inspiration he’s feeling or expression he’s pressed to put out. So for him, his sound, much like the effect of Live Forever on the listener is mainly a feeling before any other classification.

5. When quizzed about the inspiration behind his song of the moment, Live Forever, Kayode broke down the song to reveal that the record came to him as easily as it sounds and was birthed by images of a good time out clubbing and the euphoric feel of riding in a Beamer on Third Mainland Bridge long after rush hours.

6. Kay Kay who has been putting out music under a collective, tagged The Kay Gang which is made up of his friends who are believers of his art has assured us to expect more fire sounds from him shared that he’ll love to work with Burna Boy and Wizkid in the nearest future and urges his fans who also make up The Kay Gang to stay tuned.

We sure will love to hear more from Kayode and are excited to see what the young star will get up to sooner than later.


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