Phenominal singer and Afrocolours pioneer Uduak Daniel releases ‘Prodigal Grace’

Phenominal singer and Afrocolours pioneer Uduak Daniel releases 'Prodigal Grace'
Phenominal singer and Afrocolours pioneer Uduak Daniel releases ‘Prodigal Grace’

Singer/songwriter, independent recording artist and Afrocolours creator Uduak Daniel has announced the release of her fifth album, “Prodigal Grace” on the 12th of November, 2021 under the Dlyte Sound & Arts label. Testimony is her motivation for the album.

Hear her, “A lot of times we think certain things are too simple to concern God. This thinking translates into a “Don’t Bother God” mindset that robs us of our authority as believers. The truth is that the more you see God as too big for certain issues the more the devil will take advantage of that situation. So I thought to testify and prophesy in songs about everyday issues. In this album you will hear the struggles “William” faced around reconciling with his father. “My Goal” is an inward conversation to stay focused on God, challenges irrespective and “Your Sister” is a solidarity song to every woman, especially survivors of abuse. It is a very comprehensive album that demonstrates God’s involvement in every aspect of our lives.”

Typical of her Afrocolours genre – a fusion of Jazz, Folk, Gospel and African music and sounds, all the songs have distinct tones and tangs. The 12-track album is categorised into nine studio songs, one live version and two radio versions. Eight tracks were produced by Wale Adeoye for Clesoundz and Dehniece Etukudo for Audiofactory. This album also features Asari Otu (Jazzsari), Ahide Adum and Akanifiok Daniel (Mr. Teecee)

A very versatile woman, Uduak’s bibliography includes “Hold On” (2002), “The Father’s Heart” (2006), Uduak Daniel EP (2010) and Uduak Daniel (2015). Singles released are “Arise Nigeria” (2015), “Your Sister” (2020) and No Remain (2021), She hosts “Live Fulfilled with Dr. Uduak Daniel” on Planet FM 94 5, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state and presents monthly live renditions of her songs in “Sessions with Uduak Daniel” on her Facebook page. She is also a reverend minister, human geneticist, development practitioner and director in the public service.

She can be reached on the following: Website- Facebook page and Instagram accounts are @JustUduakDaniel and email is

Uduak Daniel - 'Come Praise The Lord'

Listen to Uduak Daniel – ‘Come Praise The Lord’ below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Uduak Daniel – Come Praise The Lord

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