Jesse Jagz – “Chant Down Babylon”

Nigerian veteran rapper and song writer, Jesse Jagz lends his voice to Nigerians on his new song, “Chant Down Babylon.”

Jesse Jagz spurs the youth of Nigeria to make their voices heard in the lead-up to the country’s presidential elections on February 25, 2023.

In the song, the rapper enlightens Nigeria’s youth to stand up and vote right in the coming election. He used a catchphrase: “These evil men have come back to deceive and conquer.”

Jesse Jagz bags the production credit for this reggae infused number. After a brief absence from the mainstream, it serves as his debut record for the year.

Quotable Lyrics:

Chant Down Babylon
These evil men have come back to deceive and conquer
But all they have to offer is war, poverty and hunger
Slavery of consciousness our past, present and yonder
But Rasta youth we will sit and wait no longer
And so we chant

Chant down Babylon
Chant down Babylon
Chant down Babylon
Chant down Babylon

Musician Champaign popping
Politician Campaign Rotting
They only promise the youth nothing
When we protest dem shoot something
But then we stand inna da toll gate
Blood cover up your whole face
Shoulder to shoulder there is no space
And when we rise, we chant

Listen to “Chant Down Babylon” below:

Jesse Jagz – Chant Down Babylon MP3 SONG (BUY/STREAM)

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