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Eddy Billz
Eddy Billz
Eddy Billz
Eddy Billz

A breath of fresh air with a hint of smoothness mixed with good music.


Edidiong Billy, better known as Eddy Billz, is a DIY singer, songwriter, smart kulture apparel creative director and self taught vocal mix engineer. This musician is a versatile act with an eccentric vibe and performance, the uniqueness of his sound warms the heart of love giving them chills, comfort, soothing feeling and healing. A promising plate and cup filled with music to feed lovers of good music at all times.

Eddy Billz sounds can be classified as Afro-fusion, an infusion of Afrobeats, Reggae, Dancehall and R&B. His ability to give his listeners a refreshing sound to please their ears and hearts when troubled is amazing. Artistic vision of Eddy Billz has been shaped by life experiences, heart breaks and life struggles. Always hoping to help others through his music to feel good and that they ain’t alone in their pains.

Eddy Billz Relationship Status

According to Eddy Billz, he is married to his craft (music) and wants to maintain that ‘relationship’ for now and he has consistently indicated in most of the interviews that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, neither is he married yet.


Eddy Billz has stamped his foot in the music industry with some hit singles and collaborations, below are some of his hit songs:

Create Some Love

• Inner Mi Brain

• Temilola

• Shantel

• Idara

• Precious Stone


• Lose You


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