Chris Dontae: Biography, Profile, Pictures & Songs

Chris Dontae
Chris Dontae
Chris Dontae: Biography, Profile, Pictures & Songs

In this article, we will be talking about Chris Dontae’s musical career, achievements, early life and some of his personal details .

Chris Dontae, whose real name is Akusom Nwadike Ezebuchi a Nigerian Afrobeat Singer rapper, and a Performer. Chris Dontae was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria in the year 2001.

He was first acknowledged in the minds of the people as a music artist in the year 2018 after the release of his debut single “On My Mind“. He kicked off as a Singer in Ebonyi state while he was in school and later decided to take his music career to the next level when he linked up with his first music producer X1.

Early life

Chris Dontae is a native of Imo state, grew up in Enugu state and later moved to Akwa Ibom state due to his father’s work .His passion for music began at a very tender age where he started learning how to play drums in church and at the age of 9 was taught how to play piano by his father.
Just like some other artist that started in the church, Chris Dontae isn’t an exception. He discovered his singing abilities when he joined the school choir in JSS 2, he used to be a very good tenor singer.


Chris Dontae grew up in a Christian family, which made him hyperactive in the church music department and exposed him to musical instruments which he had passion for and later started writing songs and recording them using his mobile phone.
In 2017, while schooling at Ebonyi state a friend linked him up with X1, a producer which resulted to him recording his very first single track “On My Mind”.

“On My Mind” was a mind blowing track which earned positive reviews and captured the heart of many fans and this took his career, popularity and recognition to the next level.

Later in 2019 when he came back to Akwa Ibom state he visited Hofishal Sounds studio for the first time which also resulted in another single titled “believe” which was also a hit .

In 2020 during the pandemic, Chris Dontae not affected by the state of the country started working on an EP project which he titled “OF ALL TIME THE EP” .
“OF ALL TIME THE EP” consisted of five solid and melodious tracks which was all written and composed by him featuring Remi Kaso in one of them
This project was completed with the help of Hofishal Sounds as his producer .

EP: Chris Dontae - Of All Time
EP: Chris Dontae – Of All Time

The above listed projects are not the sum of projects Chris Dontae has been involved in, there are other activities that might have been omitted.


Chris Dontae’s tunes is one accompanied with realness. When it comes to music, he makes it part him and also with is sweet melodious voice sends unique and fantastic feeling to your soul

Chris Dontae is one artist that fuses highly into an Afrobeat ,RnB etc. and that comes his uniqueness. He writes and composed all his songs so it would be adequate to say he is the creator of his tunes.

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