Barry Jhay Reportedly Innocent concerning Kashy’s Death

Barry Jhay Reportedly Innocent concerning Kashy’s Death
Barry Jhay Reportedly Innocent concerning Kashy’s Death

JUST IN; Reports Has It That Nigerian Singer, Barry Jhay Is Innocent Of His Label Boss, Kashy Godson’s Death.

Few hours ago, it was reported that Barry Jhay has been arrested in connection of his label boss’ death, in the early hours of Today March 8, 2021, An Eye Witness (Identity Hidden) gave an account of what happened on the 7th of March 2021, between Barry Jhay and Kashy in an apartment in Ghana.

Below is what the eye witness said;

“I have a story for you regarding Barry J and what exactly happened. Kashy has been acting strange ever since his efcc case, his friends say he suffered from PTSD due to his arrest, while in efcc custody he always hit his head on the wall daily while in his cell. After his release he started taking molly and all kinds of drugs, people around him know he has been acting strange. He invited Barry over to Ghana saying he wants to be around him and also wanted Barry to work with some producers in Ghana. It was all love between them.

They moved from one serviced apartment to another one. The apartment where this incident happened is a high end apartment with all round security. They heard Kashy beating Barry up and went there to separate them, Barry left the house and he made that video on his way to the police station to report the beating incident. Kashy was still alive while he left. After he left Kashy was fighting the security men and while they were trying to hold him, He ran from them and was doing stunts on the balcony railings, he slipped and fell. It was a tragic death by mistake. He did not commit suicide.

Barry wrote a statement and the police followed him to arrest Kashy and they met him dead. Barry’s only mistake was making a video calling him a Jew! He sent that video to only one person who then spread the video. He didn’t send anyone to beat him like Sir Kuti said, this thing happens in the midnight in Ghana is that how they will send people to beat someone up in a hotel apartment? How will they gain entrance with all the security and how will they get to Ghana so quickly and in the middle of the night also.

Please post the real truth, Barry is innocent of all this“.

See the screenshot below;

Also An Instagram user with the handle Oosha_Gee spoke with an Eye Witness about the incident via his Instagram live and he revealed almost the same details.

Below is a caption in the video he posted;

“I finally got to talk to an eye witness who was at the apartment in Ghana 🇬🇭 where the incident happened so let’s just calm pls”

Watch below

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