Tyler Page – ‘WAGMI’ (We Are Gonna Make It)

Warner Music South Africa presents Tyler Page, as she unlocks her inspiring new single titled ‘WAGMI’. Listen!

WAGMI: Code for ‘We Are Gonna Make It’, is a farewell to the summer in this catchy pop offering from Tyler Page. The 19-year-old Capetonian has a voice that is mature but still embodies a playful youthfulness that captures the feeling behind this song.

Her amazing talent has not gone unnoticed as her debut single, Don’t Believe the Aliens was selected by video game giant Fortnite for their Underground car radio station. The same song was included on Spotify’s Radar Africa playlist, which features the most exciting artists on the rise from the African continent.

Tyler Page’s music is set to move listeners through her wondrous lyrics, unwavering vocals and masterful production, flourishing into a unique sound guaranteed to capture international attention over the next few months.

Listen to Tyler Page – ‘Wagmi’ below and share your thoughts;

Tyler Page – ‘WAGMI’ (We Are Gonna Make It) MP3

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