Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa IbomTop 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

Below are the Top 10 best songs out of Akwa Ibom (All Time) featuring Mr Xto, Zillions, Unik Brodaz, Otyno, Hofishal Sounds, Mish, Aity Dennis, Ikpa Udo, Pasto Goody Goody, and Edikan James.

Here are list of the selected tracks that has hit the Akwa Ibom industry all time. There are lots of good songs released by some good Akwa Ibom artistes, but we present the tracks that was almost a national anthem in the lips of every Akwa Ibomite in and out of the state.

Below are the Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom!

  • Mr Xto – Wetin?
Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom
Mista Xto, CEO of South Central Records and the Don of the new music era in the South-South Nigeria dropped this hot song a few years ago, and it was a massive hit and an anthem in the mouth of every Akwa Ibom child.
Download below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Mr Xto – Wetin

  • Zillions – Nsa Isong

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

Zillions struck it big with the release of his debut album – ‘Nsa Isong’ which featured several hit songs like “Nsa Isong”, “Nwak Idem”, “So Hot”, “Temple” and more becoming street anthems, with lyrics turning into everyday lingo.

This record was released over 10 years ago, and we can proudly tell you it still sounds fresh. Don Dada keeps representing with hardcore Ibibio vibes contributing his quota to ensure the Region earn a spot in the map, however this banger remains one of his finest of all time.

Download below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Zillions – Nsa Isong

  • Pasto Goody Goody – Afodo Legend
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Bassey Okon Edet better known as Pasto Goody is a musician and an entertainer from Akwa Ibom State. The name Goody Goody came from kids who were his fans and he had to develop it and give it a meaning.

Initially, he used to call himself Pastor but when kids started calling him Goody Goody because he always buys them good things, he then adopted the name Pasto Goody Goody which means; passing good things.

“Afodo Legend’ mean “You Are A Legend” was and will remain one of the hottest songs that has ever been made in Akwa Ibom.

Download below!

  • Otyno – Take Over

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

Otyno is an artiste/producer from Akwa Ibom, his talent and passion for music has brought him this far. Started music professionally 2007 and he has recorded and produced a good number of songs including “Take Over” which was a hit in every corner in the state.

Otyno took over the industry in the year 2012 with this club banging single. Download below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Otyno – Take Over

  • Aity Dennis – Ima Afo

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

Check out this impressive gospel tune tagged “Ima Afo” by music sensation Aity Dennis.

This record served a lot of churches and choirs, as it was made simple for anyone to sing along. Aity did some really good work here, this song deserves an award that’s why we recognize it as one of the biggest songs out of Akwa Ibom.

Download this beautiful piece and enjoy below

DOWNLOAD MP3: Pastor Aity Dennis – Ima Afo

  • Ikpa Udo – Ame Nwod

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

Ikpa Udo, formerly known as Indigenous Maliq is a genuis and talented Akwa Ibom artiste… With the street accepted tune, Ikpa Udo took Akwa Ibom rap music to another level. After the release of “Itipeke”, this record “Ame Nwod” was the bomb that blew the star kid.

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Those that were there could recall how every Akwa Ibom child used to sing “Ame Nwod Ame Nwod Ame Nwod”.

Download below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Ikpa Udo – Ame Nwod

  • Mish – Akwa Ibom Ayaya

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

This song “Akwa Ibom Ayaya” was more than just a song, with it’s lyrics, sweet beat and nice delivery by Mish, even God’swill Akpabio was a fan of this great tune.

Every Akwa Ibom child was proud to be an Akwa Ibomite because of this song. “Akwa Ibom Ayaya” was accepted and loved by everyone in and out of the state.

Mish did blessed us with with tune. You should listen to it if you did missed.

Download below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Mish – Akwa Ibom Ayaya

  • Hofishal Sounds – Isakaba

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

“Isakaba” by Hofishal Sounds formerly known as Agel Hofishal was another hit song that spread across every corner in Akwa Ibom with less promotion effort.

There is a saying that “A Good Song Promotes Itself”, indeed this record did promote itself. Hofishal Sounds dropped this song at a perfect timing and the youths, students and  some other middle age people danced to it.

If you could remember a time were police men were harassing people in every local government in Akwa Ibom, cutting people’s hair, barbing their beards, tearing off the skin of those with tattoos, yeah, Hofishal Sounds is the artiste that protested against such act.

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Download below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Hofishal Sounds – Isakaba

  • Edikan James – Nkedi Dibo

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

James Edikan is the founder of Gospel Gate Invasion… He is a gospel music artist and passionate about kids and teens. The song “Nkedi Dibo” was one of the biggest gospel songs that could ever come out of Akwa Ibom. It was accepted everywhere, all churches used it for praise, some choirs used it.

This was an amazing inspirational tune, you should listen to it.

Download below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Edikan James – Nkedi Dibo

Notable lyrics:

Nkedi ndibo bo ekom o bo itoro abasi

Nkedi ndibo bo ekom o bo itoro edidem

Nkedi ndibo, nkedi ndibo

nkedi ndibo amanam o abasi o

  • Unik Brodaz – Amem?

Top 10 Biggest Songs Out Of Akwa Ibom

Unik Brodaz really did put Akwa Ibom on the map with this great tune. There is no single child even in the most interior part of Akwa Ibom that did not hear this song.

“Unik Brodaz” used to be Idongesit, Nkereuwem and Ubon until Idongesit joined the Management of Kinu Records fully.

Even when it was like the young boys wanted to some old dogs in the industry, Unik Brodaz shoot out with a fire jam that played everywhere in Nigeria. “Amem” was another national anthem that couldn’t be overlooked.

Download below!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Unik Brodaz – Amem?

Note :- This list is in no particular order and we have a lot of amazing songs in Akwa Ibom.

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