Remaking of Music Instrumental, Advice To Producers & Beat Makers

Remaking of Music Instrumental, Advice To Producers & Beat Makers

Remaking of Music Instrumental, Advice To Producers & Beat Makers

Are you a music producer willing to remake beat / instrumental used on the song, please submit a link to any remake instrumental or click our “Contact Us” page to send the beat to get your hard work promoted on for free.

Remaking of music instrumental will not only promote you but attract artist to book you for EP, single track, and music album project. The entertainment Industry today need an intelligent and skillful music producer who is versatile in doing good beat that will make a hit.

Being a music producer required a lot of technique to standout your style for that reason we advice practicing / remaking on other finished song instrumental and showcasing it to underground artist who are prepared to dominate the music industry to discover you, sometime artist might want similar instrumental to voice on, once it find yours good enough he might contract you but always remember to identify your beat/instrumental for easy contact.

I believe remaking other tracks is the best way to learn, the best way to develop your skills, and ultimately, the best way to become a good producer.

The best form of practice is remaking, or recreating other works.

Before you get all up in arms about plagiarizing and stealing, know that I’m not talking about copying other music and passing it off as your own. I’m talking about remaking other tracks purely for the purpose of practice and education.

You learn new techniques Remaking of Music Instrumental Advice To Producers 2020

When you’re remaking tracks, you’ll frequently come across sounds and sections that puzzle you. You’re not sure how to recreate a certain sound, or the artist may have done something you’ve never heard before, and you have no idea how to replicate it.

But you know that A leads to B, and B could lead to C. And so you try that out. It doesn’t work, so you try something else out. Eventually, you get kinda close to the original track, even if you didn’t follow the exact same process the original artist did.

Through doing this, you pick up certain techniques that can’t be learned from books or YouTube channels. You’re experimenting. You come up with your own solutions. And while they may not be the most effective or efficient solutions, they are indeed solutions.

You gain intuitive knowledge

Intuitive knowledge is gained through repetition.

Anyone can watch a YouTube video on how to design a dub-step growl, but it doesn’t truly become intuitive until you’ve done it tens or hundreds of times.

When you remake tracks, you repeat a lot of techniques. It might be drum programming, sound design, writing melodies in a certain way—whatever.

After months of doing this, though, you’ll start to find that you get stuck less when working on your own music. You know what to do in specific scenarios. Maybe your drop lacks impact, but because you’ve faced that problem twenty times when trying to remake other tracks (your version, the remake, lacks impact), and have overcome it, you know how to fix it somewhat intuitively.

In addition to being able to solve more problems, you also build a toolbox of ideas. You’ve analyzed so much music, stretched yourself, and experimented relentlessly. When it comes to writing a new song, you have no shortage of ideas to work from.

It also works on a smaller scale too. Maybe you need to transition into a chorus and you want to do so creatively. Well, you’re bound to have come across a few creative transitions through remaking other tracks, and you can implement something similar.

All in all, this leads to more creative work. You have a larger bank of inspiration and ideas to draw from. You know more.

Also remaking and sampling beat gives you freedom for earning money online via monetized website, youtube and sell your original beat on online stores.

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