Ladies, Be Beautiful with Brains [See Why]

Ladies, Be Beautiful with Brains [See Why]

Ladies, Be Beautiful with Brains [See Why]

Hello viewers, in this article we will tell you why a woman could add more value to herself.

Being beautiful is something every woman wants, but beauty without brains is a total waste of beauty. Below are a few things beauty attracts;

  • A woman’s beautiful face attracts a flirt
  • A woman’s beautiful heart attracts a lover
  • A woman’s beautiful character attracts a
  • For a woman with BEAUTY without BRAINS, it’s her private parts that suffer.

Ladies, I believe the reason you use covers on your phones is to protect it so it won’t damage, so it will still look new and presentable when uncovered… But if you’re been asked to cover up yourself, will you? Think About it.
Ladies who dresses half naked, attracts more useless men, no gentleman will approach you, because you’re just an empty vessel.


Have you thought of ladies who aren’t beautiful but yet they get the most hardworking and submissive men who love them?

Note: Character is the beauty of a woman.

BEAUTY will fade but what you have inside you, speaks. Forget beauty, but have EXTRA OIL, which is CHARACTER
Yes I know, no one is perfect we all have bad side, try to be a woman that a man will always regret losing for the rest of his life… There’s nothing as beautiful as building up yourself, Plan for your future, forget BEAUTY.

Have your ever heard where beautiful girls are been paid just for being beautiful?

Your character and attitude will go a long way, but your BEAUTY alone won’t. Below are few things every girl should do in addition to her God given beauty;

  • Get a skill
  • Be humble
  • Be a giver
  • Don’t compete
  • Make a decision to be productive, you’ll need it in a long run
  • Be loyal
  • Don’t ruin your life
  • Be productive

A woman who’s not ready to be productive, Your time will be wasted and your self-esteem will be destroyed, Beauty isn’t everything, don’t chase your blessings.
Don’t be a loose girl every guy has drink from her pot.

Note: For the girls that are just after money, Money could only sustain life but it can’t complete everything! BE WISE.

Give yourself some class and respect, forget your beauty for it only attract what won’t last.
Be a leader, be a teacher you’ll want your children to learn from from, don’t be FOOLISH.
Understand that when once you’re pregnant, and not being taken good care of, your beauty is gone, it becomes a story, you end up suffering and looking very old… Be careful now that you’re still young, TREAD with caution.

Dear ladies, be BEAUTIFUL with Brains

Written by: Deborah Anthony
Facebook Username: Devi young

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