Feiboky – “The Church Cannot Rap” Lyrics

Feiboky – "The Church Cannot Rap" download
Feiboky – "The Church Cannot Rap"
Feiboky – "The Church Cannot Rap" download
Feiboky – “The Church Cannot Rap”


“The Church Cannot Rap” Lyrics by Feiboky 

As you can see rap ain’t even an issue
Me and my shooters keep it smooth and easy like unwrapping a tissue
Been through the class now we the officials
Mission’s still keeping you demons outdoors and we ain’t got no issues
I don’t do your green lights I follow red
All your traffic light rules had to switch up when I appeared
Obeying the movement dawg, spirit and soul agreed terms with life
Immortality the only deal that I signed and witnessing was the light.
And delighted be the stars
I’m linking bastards with their fathers call it connection dots
Lyricism? Nah these some civil engineering features
All you rappers write bars we gods invent bridges
Yelling territorial orders when y’all be snoring
Could easily get the land rejecting y’all in the morning
King owns the land but I won’t use it to do you wrong though
But you must stop tryna be pushing me on the low
They say the Church can’t rap I wonder what they’re gonna do with this now
I tell em slowdown let me show you around
Na for my fada mansion wer una dey stay but una dey pose for me
Sheh una dey see all of una mess up abi?
Well i’mma let it slide on this
Got way too much on the plate I’m tryna eat up plus some egos I’m to beat up, kinda wild abi?
Still gotta put that style on it, ghosted
Got your glasses up already go ahead and toast it
Yeah, I bring fire to the party, olukoya!
Zerubabel anointing dripping on every bar
When I fall they proly never get to find where the body’s at
Lately I been feeling like Moses, afia’nweh, bloody fact!
Back on the course, rocking with the Boss
Wired off the socket be the core, shocking with em bars
You ain’t seen nobody making fuss out the camp, we’re killing noise
But still out there buddy they know the voice
So wudup how you feeling dawg?
Need a conversation you know we could shoot it dawg
You hit me up and you know I link you up, the Messiah be the plug
Your side losing and you know what’s up
If you could be proud of thuggery and proud of felony
Proud of gangsterism even preaching that to homies
Then I promise you homie you could be proud of the name of Jesus
You could be proud of Jesus and that what’s up
Balling with the blessed steady moving how I move man
I get it started I get it done no excuse man
I be where em jewels at, they tryda confuse that
My gang on the loose, panoramic view like who’s that!
Hip hop I take you back to the foundation
Before that loser came in with his lies and silly perversion
It was uplifting of the spirit and soul plus enlightenment
Truth and knowledge going on the same direction

Gold candle!
A.k.a Church; can’t rap?
Are they mad?
They must be mad!
Ededah ekpa!

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